It’s that time of year again~ we’re considering children’s books for the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award and the publishers have begun sending their contenders. It’s like Christmas everyday. As each book arrives, I eagerly tear open the package, send the publisher a thank you note, and start reading. As usual, in most cases I’m blown away by the story, the hero/heroine, the aesthetics.

I blogged about the JACBA last year:

“If children’s stories truly shape our world, as we say they do, then the types of stories we tell will impact our children and help them understand the world in which we live. Thus it is imperative, especially during this time of corruption, international chaos and social injustice, that we recognize those children’s books that ‘effectively promote the cause of peace, social justice, world community, and the equality of the sexes and all races as well as meeting conventional standards for excellence.’ So while some may question the importance and existence of so many different awards based on other criteria, I hope the Jane Addams Award‘s importance will never be questioned.”

Here’s to another season of awesome reads for the most important children’s book award 🙂