The Kindness of Strangers

As mentioned on a previous post, a couple weeks ago I attended ALA and combed through the exhibit hall, picking up books and talking with publishers, authors, editors, and so on. I stopped by Kane/Miller, which translates and publishes children’s books from other countries into English and sells them to the US market. They have a very nice selection of picture books from Korea. After talking a bit with the people staffing the booth (I told them how much I like some of their books, told them about my research, gave my business card, etc.), unfortunately, due to my limited student budget (and my great faith in borrowing from the library), I only purchased two books (one was a translation from Taiwan) and went on my merry way. When I arrived at school this week, there was a huge package waiting in my mailbox. Someone at Kane/Millersent me all the Korean picture books in their catalog, minus the one Korean picture book I had purchased that day.

I’m not exactly sure who it was because there was no note, but I’m incredibly blessed and so thankful for the kindness and thoughtfulness of the sender. One of the great things about this profession is getting free children’s books. But one of the better things about this profession is experiencing the kindness of the people who work with those books.

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