U of Illinois Center for Children’s Books Annual Guide Book to Gift Books

Hello family and friends!

The Center for Children’s Books at the U of Illinois LIS program publishes an annual children’s book gift-giving guide that includes professional reviews, and I’m passing it along to help you in your holiday shopping for our young people 🙂

From the intro of the guide: 

“It’s hard to imagine finer gifts than books – they offer enjoyment, knowledge, and artistic stimulation. They’re also gifts that go on giving without requiring any upkeep or cleanup, they’re a cinch to wrap, and they’re easily sent through the mail! All of these titles have been reviewed in the Bulletin, so they’ve been recommended by professionals. All were in print in the U.S. at the time of this guide’s compilation, so they should be either in stock or quickly available through a special order from bookstores both brick-and- mortar and virtual.” (Deborah Stevenson, Editor)

Click here for the GUIDE BOOK to GIFT BOOKS