It’s been exactly one month since I moved from Los Angeles, California to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve completely settled into my apartment and office and sufficiently learned the freeways and roads. I know how to get to all my friends’ houses, Target, Whole Foods and multiple routes to get to work. I think I found a church – or maybe a church has found me. I’m learning how to drive in the snow and whether or not my North Face jacket is necessary when the temperature soars above zero. 

What I’m not yet used to: being here. I still can’t believe this is my life. When I introduce myself to people I almost say, “I’m a graduate student.” As it is, most people ask me what I’m studying and where I go to school. “Illinois, but I teach at St Kate. And what do you do?”

What I love: being here. Every time I came to Minnesota in the past, I experienced a resurgence of energy, inspiration, motivation and challenge to persist in my quest for truth and literary justice for adopted Koreans in the realm of children’s literature. Being on the ground and intimately immersed in this community motivates and sustains me in my work.

What I need: to be here.