Ellen Oh, a writer/blogger, will have a new book out soon! Seven Kingdoms is a young adult fantasy set in ancient Korea. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on this!! Here’s a snippet of Tarie Sabido’s interview with Ellen:

What inspired you to write Seven Kingdoms?

Well, it all started with Genghis Khan back in 2000. Time magazine named him man of the millennium and I went out and picked up a biography on him. Surprisingly, I learned more Korean history in a biography about a Mongol than I ever learned in school. It made me really curious about ancient Korea. However, trying to find history books was nearly impossible. The library and bookstores here in the States only went as far as the Korean War. That meant I had to rely on the internet and my Dad to learn about Korean history. My dad was awesome! When he found out I wanted to learn about Korea and write about it, he went to the Korean consulate and borrowed and bought books from them that I couldn’t get on my own. I also bought lots of books off the internet from a Korean distributor. When my husband saw how much I spent on books, he told me I’d better be writing the great American novel.

All that research was worth it. I was fascinated by the Three Kingdoms Period and it became the basis for my Young Adult novel,the Seven Kingdoms.

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