With my lobster friend :o)

Most people think I’m very outgoing, sociable, etc., (for example, I usually look like the person in the left – all smiles, even without a delicious lobster in my hand!) but it actually takes a lot for me to get to that point. I do get there, but I definitely need to warm up first. And then I enthusiastically embrace opportunities to get to know people, make them feel comfortable, and to connect them to others with similar interests. 

But it’s the first step that’s often the hardest; the first time you approach someone, introduce yourself, and break the ice. This is fun to do at conferences, and easy if you recognize someone’s name from a listserv or because you’ve read their books/articles, etc. and can use those connections. But sometimes it’s not quite as easy; I’ve been attending the same church for the past several months but I haven’t established any consistent friendships because I haven’t been proactive about it, and this has been very hard for me because having a spiritual community is essential to my well-being. But this past Sunday, I attended the church’s Operations Center Open House and took a group tour of the new facilities. Later, a girl who was in my tour group came up to me and introduced herself. It just about made my day!

So where am I going with this? I don’t know who my readers are, but I’d like to. Few of you leave comments or questions or email me, so I’m not sure how helpful my website is to you or the nature of your interest in my pages and posts. So if you feel comfortable (and if you don’t want to, that’s fine too!), I’m breaking the ice; please comment when you read something interesting, or email me (spark@stkate.edu) and introduce yourself. I don’t bite, although I might emit a few spark*s of excitement 🙂