Check out the proposed content revisions to Korea’s Adoption Law. Thanks to Jane Jeong Trenka, TRACK and allies for all your hard work!

The first couple paragraphs:

Ms. Rami So, lawyer with Gong-Gam
Korean Public Interest Lawyers’Group, Gong-Gam
Last modified: July 23, 2009
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Objective: The Korean Public Interest Lawyers’Group, Gong-Gam, in collaboration with adoptee organizations TRACK and ASK, KoRoot, non-affiliated adoptees, single parents, and other interested parties in Korea and abroad is currently drafting abillto addressrevisions to adoption procedure law in Korea. In an effort to inform and include feedback from as many interested parties as possible during the revision process, an outline of the first draft is
provided below. Please understand that this is a “work in progress”and is continually undergoing revisionsas more recommendations and feedback are taken into account.

Feedback: This is an exciting yet crucial time in Korea to change the future of adoption practices (both domestic and intercountry) to ensure the best interests of the child. The contents of the revisions not only include amendments to adoption procedures, but also address adoptee rights related to post-adoption services and access to adoption records. If you have any comments, feedback and/or suggestions please email
and your ideas will be passed on to Gong-Gam. Any and all opinionsand comments are welcome. As this is a time sensitiveproject, it is appreciated if you can send your feedback before SEPTEMBER 1st so that we can ensure that your thoughts are heard.

Read the entire draft outline here.