Korean Adoption Law Revisions

From an email request I received from TRACK:

Dear petition signers,

How has the summer treated you?
TRACK has been busy here in Seoul keeping the government on its toes and working with the media to increase public awareness about adoption.
Here are two links.
This one is a link to our draft of the adoption law revisions. This is made by the coalition of the Gong-gam public interest lawyers, TRACK, ASK, KoRoot, and now the Mamma Mia single moms group. They are single moms who are raising their babies. Adoptees especially, please click on the link and follow the instructions to participate.
And if you haven’t seen it already, please take a look at the hour-long SBS program with English subtitles on adoption. It exposes how the agencies are treating us and why TRACK is fighting for our human rights.
Coming up this fall will be one more public hearing! We heard today that there will be translation again! Hooray! (But English only — no French. BOooo!) We will also participate in the National Assembly audit again. This is a way to get information from the government and also have them examine the practices of the adoption-related agencies, such as the unwed mothers’ homes.
Hope you’re having a great day, wherever in the wide world you are.
Peace and happiness to you from Seoul!

TRACK 진실과 화해를 위한 해외입양인 모임

PayPal: truthreconcile@gmail.com
우리은행 1002-738-888382


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