USBBY in School Library Journal

Barbara Genco wrote an article about the recent USBBY conference for School Library Journal. An excerpt on the social justice presentations:

Two presentations highlighted IBBY’s mission of social justice, with the association’s President Patsy Aldana, founder of Canada’s Groundwood Books speaking movingly of the IBBY’s Children in Crisis Initiative, developed to support kids whose lives have been disrupted through war, civil disorder, or natural disaster. USBBY Executive Secretary Ellis Vance described the Special Project Fund, which supports literacy projects worldwide. An inspiring panel of activists rounded out the afternoon, including children’s librarian Yohannes Gebregeorgis, creator of the nonprofit Ethiopia Reads, who spoke about how his nonprofit organization is improving literacy and creating a culture of reading in the African nation.

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Social Justice for Unwed Mothers

From the NY Times: “In South Korea, an Effort to Defend Unwed Mothers”

Nearly 90 percent of the 1,250 South Korean children adopted abroad last year, most of them by American couples, were born to unmarried women, according to the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs.

Of unmarried women who give birth, about 70 percent are believed to give up their babies for adoption, according to a government-financed survey. In the United States, the figure is 1 percent, the Health and Human Services Department reports.

For years, the South Korean government has worked to reduce overseas adoptions, which peaked at 8,837 in 1985. To increase adoptions at home, it provides subsidies and extra health care benefits for families that adopt, and it designated May 11 as Adoption Day.

It also spends billions of dollars a year to try to reverse the declining birthrate, subsidizing fertility treatments for married couples, for example.

“But we don’t see a campaign for unmarried mothers to raise our own children,” said Lee Mee-kyong, a 33-year-old unwed mother. “Once you become an unwed mom, you’re branded as immoral and a failure. People treat you as if you had committed a crime. You fall to the bottom rung of society.”

The government pays a monthly allowance of $85 per child to those who adopt children. It offers half that for single mothers of dependent children.

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I’m having a slamming good time at the 8th IBBY Regional Conference Children’s Books: Where Worlds Meet in St. Charles, IL. Some highlights:

  • Meeting friends, both old and new!
  • Discussing Jane Addams children’s books awards to a full room of peace-lovers
  • Meeting and learning about the amazing work of Korean children’s literature enthusiast Kang Woo Hyon
  • Chatting it up with Arthur Levine about translations, adoption and children’s lit
  • Shaun Tan, David Weisner, and Katherine Paterson signed books for me!

Many thanks to Junko Yokota, Bill Teale, Deana Greenfield, Gail Bush, and others for all their hard work in making this conference a success!