I changed my image header to one that better represents my vision for this website. Here’s the blurb that I added to my “About” page on why I chose this image for my header and what it means to me:

About the Image: The image header at the top of my website is of Cheong Gye Cheon, one of my favorite places in the world. Cheong Gye Cheon was originally a natural stream that passed through downtown Seoul; after the Korean War it was paved over and an elevated road was added to accommodate expanding transportation needs. Imagine the pollution and social deterioration that resulted from taking away this beautiful natural resource, a place where women used to gather to do laundry and share stories. In 2005, then-Seoul mayor and current President Lee Myong-Bak completed a restoration project that recreated Cheong Gye Cheon as a beautiful stream that once again flows through Seoul.

In many ways, to me this new Cheong Gye Cheon represents the potential for change in Korea’s adoption practices. Although the history of Korean adoption has been fraught with post-war violence, corruption, and the privileging of economic over human interests, there is potential for improvement. Just as rebuilding Cheong Gye Cheon was part of Korea’s desire to align its practices with its mission to be a more human-centered place, I hope Korea will change its adoption practices so they will be more human-centered. Posting an image of Cheong Gye Cheon on my website reminds me and my readers, daily, of our collective responsibility in making this a reality.