Good grief, is ABC meditatizing family reunions? I wonder if Tom Brodman (executive producer) learned this from the Korean TV show 아침마당…

JH: Both host Tim Greene and Lisa Joyner talk on the show about being adopted.

TF: They both found their own birth parents so they’ve lived it, which was really important to us. For the family member who contacts us, for the person they’re trying to find if we find them, for other family members who may be touched by this as well. We talk a lot about this internally but certainly if you read about the adoption triad, both the adoptee, the parents who gave them up and the adopted parents, there are a lot of things that needed to be handled delicately and handled right. We’re incredibly conscious about treading lightly on this subject matter and wouldn’t it really help if the hosts themselves had lived through it. So [Tim and Lisa] knew what to say and they knew how delicate it was.

It’ll be interesting to see how this American show differs from/is similar to the Korean reunion shows.

Read more about the show from the ABC website, and an interview about the show here.