GOOD GRIEF. From the Associated Press:

Although a U.S. Baptist group said it was trying to rescue 33 “orphans” by taking them out of earthquake-ravaged Haiti, all the children have close family still alive, The Associated Press has found.

A reporter’s visit Saturday to the rubble-strewn Citron slum, where 13 of the children lived, led to their parents, all of whom said they turned their youngsters over to the missionary group voluntarily in hopes of getting them to safety.

This completely breaks my heart. It takes something like this tragedy to expose the ongoing corruption that is much of transnational adoption. Most people think TRA is safe, regulated, and ethical, but the truth is, it leaves a LOT of room for child trafficking and corruption, and until we can fix the system, perhaps better to shut down certain systems.

Read the article: “Parents: All Haitian ‘Orphans’ Had Relatives”