More of my students are coming to see me in both office hours and outside office hours. I see this as either 1) I don’t explain things clearly so they need extra help or 2) they see me as a fount of knowledge and want to learn more. Let’s go with the latter, although I’m looking over my teaching materials to clarify in case it’s the former.

More presentations this spring! Spring semester is definitely the busy season for conferences, starting with ALISE, and continuing on with internal presentations (SCU Scholars Circle and SCU Asian Women’s Association), and of course there is AAAS (which, sadly, I’m missing this year – when was the last time I attended AAAS? I almost can’t remember *sad face*), MAASU (I’m required to attend with my AWA undergrads, but also giving two presentations!), a few guest lectures for my awesome friends Jamie Naidoo and Thomas Crisp, the Adoption Studies conference (which I’m attending for the first time! Yay!), and of course, one of my absolute favorites – the Children’s Literature Association conference in June 2010. It’ll be my first time going to Ann Arbor, my first time serving on the career panel, my first time running for a position (diversity committee), but not my first time hanging out with one of the raddest group of people ever.

More good things – sunshine and melting snow, homemade cheesecake, good books (All the Broken Pieces is a recent favorite), and trips (best friend Sonja’s bachelorette party in Miami).