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Some interesting headlines from this past week:

Guatemala to resume Int’l Adoptions in June

Until the door to adoptions slammed shut in 2007, Guatemala was the world’s second-largest source of babies to the United States after China due to its routinely quick adoption process.

Authorities suspended adoptions after discovering evidence some babies had been stolen, others had fake birth certificates, and women were being coerced to give up their children.

As my friend Nate asks, what exactly has been changed with this new system? The article cites that instead of parents requesting certain characteristics in children, now adoptive parents will be provided with a “list” of children available for adoption. in my mind, they’re two sides of the same coin. Either way, the adoptive parents will get what they “want.” The difference is in the former case they’re putting in a virtually customized order, and in the second, they’re picking from a list. Since this article is so short, I hope that there’s a lot more behind the changes that we just haven’t yet seen.

Young Learners Need Librarians, Not Just Google

As a former corporate lawyer, I owe much of my success to effective research skills that evolved, with the help of skilled trainers, as new tools came along. As a former executive officer at a company that had 1,200 employees in 29 countries worldwide, I know that without adequate media literacy training, kids will not succeed in a 21st-century workplace. The “old school” ways of communicating won’t cut it; I’ve mastered those, and yet now spend each day re-learning how to communicate effectively in this new world order. And as the founder of a company whose mission is to teach the effective use of the Internet, I have pored through dozens of studies, and recently oversaw one myself, that all came to the same conclusion: Students do not know how to find or evaluate the information they need on the Internet.

Study after study after study (Keith Lance comes to mind) stress the importance of having school librarians (also known as school media specialists) in every school. (Tongue in cheek) Maybe everyone should get an LIS degree.

I guess we’ll see how both situations pan out. It’s been a rough but productive week, and I am now on spring break, so I’m going to work hard and play hard for the next 10 days. I’ll hopefully blog more too. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!

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