It’s been a crazy month for transracial adoption with everything in the news about Artyom’s situation, but I just had to post about two blog entries written by respected adoptee, adoptive parent and professor John Raible:

I got into this crazy mess called adoption because I am fundamentally grateful that I was adopted and got a second chance in life, even though I wish I never had to be relinquished or adopted in the first place. Contradictory statements? Of course: that’s the paradox of adoption. It is both a blessing and a curse.


In my view, before we can move forward in rethinking and revitalizing transracial and transnational adoption practice, a significant realignment must take place in the relationship between adult adoptees and adoptive parents…  APs must start accepting the fact that we are no longer children, and that we think for ourselves and have our own unique experiences of adoption that may differ significantly from the way they prefer to view it. Furthermore, although we are still and always will be adoptees, many of us are also parents, scholars, authors, film makers, performance artists, social workers, therapists, etc., with unique contributions and insights to bring to the conversation.


Please, if you read anything today, read these two posts – and the rest of Dr. Raible’s blog. And then go read Harlow’s Monkey. And then go read The Language of Blood. And then go read Outsiders Within: Writings on Transracial Adoption. And then go read Tobias Hubinette’s work.  And keep reading and watching and listening to the voices of adopted persons.