Far Away Home

I just wrote a super long entry about how I have less than one week left in Korea, and that I feel ambivalent about leaving Korea and going home to Minnesota… but it got erased. It was sort of a reflection of how I love being here but how being here isn’t easy – silly stuff such as loving having constant access to Korean food but really missing Mexican food; not-so-silly stuff such as enjoying time with friends and family here, but really being homesick for people at home; and not-at-all-silly stuff such as having challenging yet productive research experiences. I don’t have the mental or emotional energy to write it all up again, so instead, please enjoy some photos of my post-Gathering time in Korea:

With my 둥생 (younger brother/friend) Zach at 남산 (NamSan) Tower
Saying good bye to my new Norwegian friend Jon
경복궁(GyeongBok Palace) with Dr. Melanie Kimball
@ 경복궁 (GyeongBok Palace)
Friends 경선 (Kyung-Sun) and 윤진 (Yun-Jin)
With Christina @ 청계천 (CheongGyeCheon)
My cousins 우민오빠 (WooMin) & 경민오빠 (KyungMin)
A twilight view of 남산 (NamSan) Tower
At the 지화자 (JiHwaJa) restaurant, just before eating a Royal Cuisine Dinner

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