… is probably not the best time to create a new blog entry, but here I am. Just popping in to say I’ve been thinking about my research/writing agenda for the next few years, and I’m flippin’ excited, but also sort of nervous. I tend to work myself pretty hard; these past couple years it’s been about teaching, accreditation and family, and now I’m beginning to focus (again) on research, faith and other things. I’m still working hard at being an effective instructor, but I definitely hunger for research. I have some exciting projects going on, plus some on the horizon. It’s been kind of serendipitous; some awesome projects have landed in my lap so I’m really thankful and excited about those. Plus, my university is supporting me, I love what I do, and yet there’s still more to come.

I guess we’ll see what God has in store for these next few years ^^