Research Request for Participation

Transnationally Adopted Koreans’ Information Seeking Behavior

My name is Sarah Park and I am an assistant professor in the Library and Information Science Program at St. Catherine University, and I am researching the information seeking behaviors of adopted Koreans. My main research question is: how do adopted Koreans go about seeking information regarding adoption and birth histories, what are some barriers, specific needs, and resources available to aid in this process? The goal of my research is to understand and frame the information behaviors of adopted Koreans, as well as analyze and highlight the needs, resources, and barriers related to information seeking.

I invite you to participate in this project of advancing knowledge about search experiences through an interview about your own search experiences. The interview will take approximately one hour and be audio-recorded. All data will be kept strictly confidential, secured behind passwords and locked cabinets/offices, and destroyed upon completion of the project.

Participant Requirements

  • Adopted Koreans age 18+ who have conducted a birth search.

If interested, please contact Sarah Park
651-690-8791 Office

This project is funded by the St. Catherine University Carol Easley Denny Faculty Research Grant. For more information about Sarah Park:

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