Cultural Appropriation Bingo

Sometimes all you need to do is cut and paste and let the words speak for themselves:

To anyone who ever asks why Racialicious is run solely by people of colour, or keeps such a death grip on the comments section, or runs content almost solely by people of colour – well, your answer is in the sample comments above, which in their own way are all saying: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.  Even if they were written by well-intentioned people who did not intend to shut Jessica up, that is what they ultimately communicate.

We run Racialicious the way we do because we have to. This is how we survive and build community.  When no one will give you the space to speak your own truths on their site, make your own damn site.  While we intend to make space for respectful disagreements, we do not publish comments that require our writers to defend whether their experiences, feelings or opinions matter or exist.  Because people of colour have to deal with that kind of eroding scrutiny every single effing day.

Read the post in its entirety at Racialicious: