Spent my last few days in Seoul with friends and family. Am still somewhat ambivalent about leaving, but growing increasingly sad about my departure. Really enjoyed being here, especially spending time with people I haven’t seen in 3 years, but alas, it’s time to go home and resume life. Enjoy the photos~

With my cousin YoungSoo. Note: I permed my hair!
Mocha 팥빙수
Korean kids enjoy the sprinklers in 세종대로
My friend SeHyuk wearing an authentic Twins cap ^^

Hi Dad!

Gratuitous photo from when my dad and his wife visited me in Minnesota one year ago. We went to the Minnesota State Fair, St. Catherine University, the Spam Museum, Mill City Museum, James J. Hill House, Minnesota History Center, Mall of America, Punch Pizza, Lake Calhoun, and of course, walked across the Lake/Marshall bridge. Enjoy! ^^

Social Change in Modern Korea

Yesterday was awesome on several levels: hung out with my former UCLA TA (Dr. Paul Y. Chang), guest lectured for his class *Social Change in Modern Korea* on the topic of *Transracial Korean Adoption: History, Issues & Representations*, ate 팥빙수 with my dear friend Kyunghee at 청계천 (see image header and read “about the header” on my about page), and had dinner with my cousin Banghee’s family. And then ate 팥빙수 again. Awesome, I tell you.

I gave my website address to Dr. Chang’s students, so I’m posting this entry just to say HELLO to you all! I really enjoyed chatting with you during the break and after class. For more information about transracial Korean adoption, check out the links on the left sidebar (under Adoptee Organizations and Adoptees Speak) or feel free to email me ( with questions.  Study hard and good luck on your finals! ^^

ALA’s Talk Story: Sharing Stories, Sharing Culture

I’m very pleased to announce Talk Story: Sharing Story, Sharing Culture, a literacy program put together by the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) and the American Indian Library Association (AILA). The American Library Association and ALA President Dr. Camila Alire launched this Family Literacy Focus initiative to encourage families in ethnically diverse communities to read and learn together (press release).

Talk Story: Sharing stories, sharing culture is a literacy program that reaches out to Asian Pacific American (APA) and American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) children and their families. The program celebrates and explores their stories through books, oral traditions, and art to provide an interactive, enriching experience. Children and their families can connect to rich cultural activities through Talk Story in their homes, libraries, and communities. We welcome all ethnicities to customize Talk Story as needed for your community family literacy needs.

Talk Story: Sharing stories, sharing culture:

Happy reading, happy learning 🙂

My Brother and the Porsche

Once upon a time, there lived two siblings named Sarah and Sam. Sam was in the army so he lived in Stuttgart, Germany with his wife, and Sarah lived in Los Angeles, California. When Sarah graduated from UCLA, Sam called her from Stuttgart and said, “I’ll send you anything you want from Germany… but not a BMW or a Benz.”

Sarah replied, “Actually, I don’t really need anything. Please send me more of that delicious German chocolate.”

Sam said, “Sarah, I’ve sent you a ton of chocolate already! Think of something and let me know.”

So Sarah talked with her parents, and her dad suggested, “Why not a porsche? They’re made in Germany.”

Sarah didn’t realize that; for some reason she thought they were French. So she called her brother Sam and said, “Oppa, I want a porsche.”

He paused, and said, “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”

A few weeks later Sarah recieved a small box in the mail. It was from her brother! She eagerly opened the package… and pulled out a small, chocolate porsche.