Autumn in Champaign

Autumn is in full swing in Urbana-Champaign, and I am under house arrest for two weeks because of my specialty field exam. Today I stepped out to grab some lunch, and although the sun was hidden behind a blanket of grey, I was struck by the beauty of the trees and leaves and nature all around. I love Autumn. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the entire world change around you, not just one time, but four times every year.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my role models: children’s youth advocates, pastors and their wives, politicians, politicians’ wives, etc. Specifically, three of my role models are Laura Bush, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. Aside from other problems inflicted by the Bush administration, Laura Bush invests a lot of time and money in librarianship. Her tenure as First Lady has significantly altered the landscape of and attention to libraries in this country. Hopefully whoever comes next will not drop us from her agenda. Hepburn, whose childhood was anything but comfortable, spent many years working with children and lobbying for children’s rights in other countries. She didn’t just give money; she gave her heart and her hands. Jackie O instilled pride in Americans at a time when Americans weren’t feeling very proud. Also, she was an avid reader and writer througout her life. With the exception of the “gypsy” comment, I really like this poem:


I love the Autumn,

And yet I cannot say

All the thoughts and things

That make me feel this way.

I love walking on the angry shore,

To watch the angry sea;

Where summer people were before,

But now there’s only me.

I love wood fires at night

That had a ruddy glow.

I stare at the flames

And think of long ago.

I love the feeling down inside me

That says to run away

To come and be a gypsy

And laugh the gypsy way.

The tangy taste of apples,

The snowy mist at morn,

The wanderlust inside you

When you hear the huntsman’s horn.

Nostalgia – that’s the Autumn,

Dreaming through September

Just a million lovely things

I always will remember.

-Jacqueline Bouvier