Spent my last few days in Seoul with friends and family. Am still somewhat ambivalent about leaving, but growing increasingly sad about my departure. Really enjoyed being here, especially spending time with people I haven’t seen in 3 years, but alas, it’s time to go home and resume life. Enjoy the photos~

With my cousin YoungSoo. Note: I permed my hair!
Mocha 팥빙수
Korean kids enjoy the sprinklers in 세종대로
My friend SeHyuk wearing an authentic Twins cap ^^

Gratuitous Good Times Pictures

After a whirlwind semester, I sort of wish I could stay in one place and just sit for a while, but I’ve already traveled to Illinois and Boston, and I’ve just spent a fabulous week in Chapel Hill and Charlotte, North Carolina. A few of my friends are students at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science program so we had brunch and then they gave me a tour of their gorgeous campus. The second half of the week was filled with really good times at the Children’s Literature Association conference: The Best of 3. It’s one of my favorite conferences because people talk (thoughtfully and critically) about children’s literature all day long, and many participants have become good friends. Enjoy some photos!