Gift Drive for Unwed Mothers and Their Babies

Reposted from the TRACK (Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community in Korea) website:

This Holiday season ASK and TRACK are excited to continue our support of the group of unwed Korean mothers raising their children. Miss Mamma Mia is a newly founded organization that is a support network for single moms but more importantly, it’s a group of dedicated mothers working to improve and change the laws that affect single mothers in Korea.

This group was started by single mothers for single mothers, and they have been supporting both ASK and TRACK in our various events and campaigns.  Therefore, this holiday season, we would like to return their support them through gift giving!  ^.^  We have asked them to compose a brief bio, and a list of things they need that would make their lives easier and more FUN!

Please check the list and donate an item or two if you can!  Or gather a group of friends and donate all the items to a whole family!  Or gather a group to donate a more expensive item! Below you will be able to find the bios, the items, and the estimated cost of the items on the wish list.  If you are interested in participating, in order to prevent duplicate purchases, you can check the updated list of which items have already been purchased and which items still remain here on the TRACK Web site. Once you have picked an item you would like to donate, please respond to with the name of the family (child), the number corresponding to the gift and your gift drop-off method.  If possible please have the item gift wrapped.  You can arrange to give them to Joo Ae directly in Sinchon, but can meet her as well.  Or you can drop them off at KoRoot.  Or lastly you can order gifts online and have them delivered to KoRoot. When doing this be sure to address it as:

KoRoot뿌리의집: ASK/ TRACK
53-56, Cheongwoon-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul 110-030, South Korea

All gifts need to be received by December 12th as the mothers and children will be receiving them the following day.

>>>>For those of you who are too busy to shop or who live abroad you can still give a gift!  You can buy it online on GMarket at or  you if you prefer, you can simply donate money (by bank transfer) and JooAe will purchase the present for you. If this is your preferred method, please let her know by December 9th so she has an ample amount of time to find and buy the gift.  For those in Korea great places to find these gifts would be Emart, Lotte Mart, and Toys R Us (Jamsil Station or Guri Gu).

Finally, if you just want to give a donation of money to support Miss Mamma Mia’s activities, you can Paypal it to TRACK at (and please leave a note that it is for the moms). (Direct bank account of Miss Mamma Mia is 국민은행 고윤희(한국미혼모가족협회). ACCT #5457801-04-053780. (Swift code CZNBKRSE)

And most importantly if you say you will purchase a gift PLEASE follow through on your commitment as it is very important to the Moms and the kids.  Lets try to fulfill the entire wish list and get them these gifts!  Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested as well; there’s no restriction on who can participate.  Thank you again for your support of the moms of Miss Mamma Mia!

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