“LGBT Parents and Transracial Adoption” by Dr. John Raible

I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. John Raible, whose work I admired from afar and quoted in my dissertation, at the Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture conference at MIT earlier this month. He gave a phenomenal talk on LGBT parents and transracial adoption, and generously made the text available on his blog. In this presentation, Dr. Raible asks us to reconsider the assumption that “LGBT parents have an almost innate sensitivity to diversity issues since they are members of an oppressed minority”; if they are white LGBT parents, they still might not “get it” in terms of race. He speaks of the need for all white parents and white siblings – be they gay, lesbian, straight – to transracialize; that is, to be people “who did pay attention to race, who early on moved beyond color-blindness, who took their heads out of the sand long enough to notice how their siblings of color were being positioned in particular ways, and how they were being racialized.”

I encourage you to read his presentation and also to subscribe to his blog: http://johnraible.wordpress.com/how-to-fix-adoption-first-respect-adult-adoptees/lgbt-parents-transracial-adoption/

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